single mom

Standing Still

Ever since my disaster date with B, I have been feeling a little off.

I’m disappointed. Let down. Bummed out. I’m a lot of things, actually. The only thing I’m not is standing still. Letting it all sink in.

This date, unfortunately, isn’t the only let down I’ve felt since John and I split up. What’s that thing called when you try to avoid the loss you feel after a break up? Oh, yeah. Rebounding. Yeah… I did that. BIG mistake. I later found out that the rebound was dating my old friend from high school. I looked like an idiot, and I felt a million times worse.

After that, I swore I was going to be more selective… be more careful. That’s when I met P. He was adorable, and I had an immediate crush on him. We met, rather embarassingly, at the restaurant I was employed as Dining Room Manager at for most of the tourist season when I served he and his friend. He kept coming back. I kept being the waitress. Finally, I gave him my number and then was overcome with the same foolishness and giddiness I recall from agreeing to sit with a boy at lunchtime when I was 14.

As I got to know more about him, I felt like I had met someone with whom I could have a great connection. There was just one thing I had to deal with: He didn’t know I was a single mom. That was a big enough topic for me to approach. Next, I was going to have to tell him about that thing where I was married, and then separated, and headed for divorce. Oh, boy.

I was having an amazing day with P. My girlfriends from work (Thanks Liz and Shelbs!) helped me pick out my outfit, and Liz even let me stay at her place the night before to cut down on the drive time. We drove around together, talked about our plans, our work and hit the beach. We laid talking about our lives, and I decided to let it out.

“I’m a single Mom”. Pretty simple statement, right? It was so loaded with emotion and anxiety I thought I was going to puke. The words hung on the salty air for what felt like forever before I got a response I really didn’t expect.


Ummm… not what I was expecting. I was ready for “Oh, that’s too much for me” or “That’s OK”. “Interesting”, not so much.

“Yeah… he’s two and a half. His name’s Finley…” I laid on my towel feeling even more like I was going to puke.

“Did you marry the guy?”

 And there you had it…. it was all out in the open, and we’d only gotten ninety minutes into our day. Unfortunately, it kind of ruined the day. Our day wrapped up with the most awkward goodbye kiss of the century. We met for breakfast at a cafe up the road a week later, and again the following week. On the third “date” he asked me to accompany him to a party he was going to in a neighbouring community. I declined. He then asked where I saw things going, and I had to be honest… I didn’t. All because of his reaction to my being a mom. That awkward kiss. *Sigh*

Am I dating now because I want a relationship? Do I want a relationship? I don’t know. I survived the last eight months as a single mom and I’ve even been happy. Happy and alone? I can do that? Maybe I should just dial it down a little bit. Stand still for a while. I don’t need to wear a pedometer and take X number of steps every day. I can just be, at least for a little while. 

Maybe instead of trying to walk into some one else’s path, I’ll let someone walk into mine.

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