single mom

Ridin’ Solo

I hate Roast Beef.

There are quite a few foods I’m not particularly fond of – a lot, actually. Roast beef is top of the list, possibly because it was almost always the meal we had when we visited my ex’s family. It was never my favourite meal anyway, but I can remember crowding around that tiny table being pregnant and suffering morning sickness and making sure I didn’t let my pregnancy slip because J’s family wouldn’t approve of it. I was after moving home with my own family before he told his parents – I should have clued in sooner, am I right? (Don’t answer that).
I don’t like red meat in general, tomato sauces or ketchup. I’m not particularly fond of spicy foods either. Pickles and hot sauce: yuck. I’m even super weird in that I don’t really like bread unless it’s hot and covered in cheese and garlic butter. Oh, and don’t get me started on hot-dogs. Those foods were practically always in the grocery order when J and I lived together, both full and part-time. I always had beer and/or rum in the house for him. We always listened to his music in the car, and more often than not, watched his shows or he played PS3 during our down-time. I bought the stuff and listened to the music, read books while he watched stupid shows and I never once complained because I loved him. But between you and I, I don’t miss a single bit of it. (Except for sex. I miss regular sex. With another person.)
Sure, I get lonely and occasionally miss having someone to sit next to on the couch and I would love it if someone else took out the trash, but I’m starting to feel like lately the pros of singledom are far outweighing the cons. Some of the things I’m enjoying about being single might seem like the little things, but they are pretty fabulous if you ask me:
1. No man shows, unless I want to watch them. This includes those ones on SpikeTV involving cars and motors and things I’m really uninterested in. AWESOME. This goes one step further to encompass those shooting/zombie video games that cost almost as much as my bloody grocery order.
2. Not Shaving. I don’t have to shave anything unless I want to – which is a great time saver! My mustache is starting to get in the way when I’m eating though… just kidding!
3. Nobody complains about “stinky nail polish”. FACT: I love nail polish. I love painting my nails, over and over. I would paint my nails a different colour every day of the week if I had the time and energy to do so.
4. Me-Time occasionally includes painting my nails, but it’s also the time I like to spend at my computer, painting actual things, making jewelry, drooling over Channing Tatum and watching stupid shows like Breaking Amish. It’s awesome, and as long as Finley is asleep or otherwise engaged, it’s all mine.
5. One word: STARFISH. If you don’t know what this is, you’re missing out. Go try it. I won’t bother waiting. Enjoy.
Probably the best part of being single, however, is knowing that I am free to pursue whatever I want. Sure, I have F to think about but I can make decisions based entirely on what is best for me because the fact is, what’s best for me includes what’s best for F. I don’t have to take a job in a certain city based on another person’s job, make a meal based on anyone else’s preference and I am free to fall in love with whomever and whatever I want. That, my friends, is what I call liberating. And awesome.
So, if you’re single like me and missing relationships or jealously stewing over your coupled up friends… rejoice! You can starfish every night! In the meantime, be strong and enjoy your independence and time alone – you never know when you might fall in love again! 🙂


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