single mom

2.6 Seconds

I am envious of my not-quite-three-year-old’s short attention span.

Yep, I said it. I am envious of the very same attention span that drives me completely bonkers 2.5 million times a day – and I mean certifiably crazy-pants kind of bonkers. From putting on socks to picking up toys, the kid switches tracks faster than you can say “attention”. It’s exasperating and hilarious at the same time.

Earlier today, I decided to approach the subject of my impending move.

“F, can you come and sit on Mommy’s lap?”

“OK, but we need to rescue my toys. And then we need to play with Thomas and Edward and Gordon and have you seen Daisy Doo?”

This my friends, is what I’m working with.

I tried not once, not twice, but about thirty-seven times today to explain that we’re going to be making some very big changes.

“Mommy is going to go back to school to make things better for us. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mommy. I want to make things better for you. Where did Daisy Doo go?”

In a split second, this kid can go from all serious to mischevious and back again. That was about the time I realized it. The thing I’ve been both praying for and secretly fearing:

He’s going to be just fine.

This is what my heart looks like – Blue eyes, blonde hair and a mischevious grin.

Yeah, he’s going to miss me and saying good-bye will be hard on us both, but he’s got a million and one things happening in his little life all day every day. He’s got his toys and his imagination pulling his attention all over every minute of his little life. It’s not going to be so easy for Mommy. I’m going to be living five hours away from my heart.  For the first time since he was born, I’m going to be alone. Sleeping alone, eating alone, watching TV alone.

I’m going to miss him, and unless I can adopt his 2.6 second attention span, I’m going to be one sad little Mommy.

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