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Pink Boy

What’s your favourite colour?

Remember being a kid and asking your new friend on the playground, or on a date where the conversation hadn’t gotten off to the right start? I’ve asked the colour question about 4.6 million times in my life, if not more. Mine is yellow. I like it’s punchy, in-your-faceness and how it’s bright and somehow manages to complement my skintone. I had a bright yellow room all through high school – it looked like a toddler’s playroom, and I effing loved it.

Does our favourite colour say anything about us as people? Maybe, maybe not. Do you know what says a lot about us as people? Dictating that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. How silly is that? I like blue and green also, purple and pink besides. My adorable little guy – you may have heard mention of him, oh 9.3 billion times, he loves pink and I love that about him.

“Pink is for girls,” my Mom tells him when he excitedly jumps up and down and says “No, Grammie! I want the pink one! The pink one!” His favourite cup to drink out of is pink. When I ask him what his favourite colour is, he almost always tells me that it is pink. “Boys should drink from blue cups or green cups,” my Dad will tell him, but if my little F wants the pink cup, you can bet your ass no other cup is going to be up to snuff. He likes the pink train, Rosie, from Thomas and Friends and the case on his iPod Touch (Yes, my toddler has one… there’s a reason and I’ll explain later). At the end of the day, pink is just a colour and it’s as great a colour as yellow, blue or orange if you ask me.

If F tells me he doesn’t want to play hockey or soccer when he gets a little older, that’s cool. Right now, he really loves cars, trucks, trains and tractors but if he decides he wants to play with dolls or dinosaurs, that’s awesome. If he wants to do ballet, be a doctor or go to art school instead of college that’s super. He has to be who he is, he has to love the things he loves and explore his interests. So, if my little guy decides that his favourite colour is puke green or sky-blue-pink, that’s going to be my new favourite colour, too… It will be his colour.

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