single mom

Pink-y Toes

I was browsing Pinterest as part of my super fun gig with Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club (besides being The Frenzied Fashionista, I mean) when F climbed up next to me, held his hand out and declared that he wanted pink nails too. Initially, I tried to talk him out of it – I was trying to get some Pinterest-y goodness up and I was tired. Plus, I really didn’t want to paint his nails only to have to take it off a few minutes later.

But then, I remembered the Barbie Car. I thought of the day he used my mother’s lipstick to “cover” his under eye circles like Mama. I thought of the many times he’s asked if he “looks okay” and I decided that a coat or two of nail polish never killed anybody. (… did it?)

F now has Cardshark by Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy on his toes, and a coat of clear, Diamond Top Coat on his fingers. While I painted his adorable little toes, I looked at him and had to smile. His face was lit up.

“They look really nice, Mama. You’re a great nail painter!”

I’ve had people accuse me of “making him gay” and I’ve heard folks tell him more than once that “pink is for girls“. Right now, he turns it all down, assuring anyone who thinks otherwise that pink is for boys and girls. But I know that those nagging voices will start to drown him out, and my sweet guy will turn away from little things like snuggling, stuffed animals and even wanting Mama to give him a little “pretty” because it’s “not what boys do”.


But for now, I’m holding onto the hope that I get to paint his cute, tickle-y toes for just a little while longer.

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