single mom


Oh, being a twentysomething.

I’m about to cross the line of just mid-twenties to upper mid-twenties and I’m kind of freaking out, man because this whole growing up this is bologna. Seriously. Who invented this shit? I’ve got bills on top of bills on top of some cellulite and a handful of wrinkles and WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? I’m about 90 per cent sure that I spotted a grey hair last week, but my eyesight’s so bad I couldn’t quite manage to find it to rip it out. There was a time – perhaps not so very long ago – when I thought being a twentysomething was the most glamorous thing in the world. Pfft.

I’m drinking tea, writing this blog with Nair all over my legs and a facemask on. This is so not what I expected the fabulosity of twentysomethighood to be.

A kid YOUNG LADY I used to babysit turned 18 today. WHAT THE WHAT? Is that even possible? Someone stop the world, I need to get off for a minute. I can remember packing up my old Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets – the ones that actually fit in your pocket – to give to this girl when she was preschool-aged. I remember giving her boy advice when I was post-highschool-grad and she was getting ready to enter junior high school. She tweeted a goodbye to her 17th year last night. She has no idea how gone it is.

Because, my gorgeous, young friend… there comes a time in your early adult life when you will find yourself sitting on your bathroom floor attempting an at-home bikini wax (which, FYI, is the dumbest thing you will ever try to do at home, by yourself) and you will also find yourself eating dinner in the bathtub sometimes because you actually don’t have enough time to eat and bathe. You will put on a great show of being a grownup, only to call your Mom later because you just totally effed something up and nobody knows how to fix things like a Mom does. And you will undoubtedly sacrifice food that is actually real food with taste so you can buy that fabulous pair of boots and then try to lie to your mother by saying they were on sale. She’ll know better.

I think it’s a generational thing, this idea that your twenties will be this golden time in your life when everything is roses and everything will just play out magically. It doesn’t, and it’s not.

But it’s amazing and it’s worth it. And when all else fails, there is nail polish.

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