single mom

fifty three weeks

A year ago, I was packing the last of my things for my move.

So much has happened in the past year that I can feel my head begin to spin just thinking about thinking about it all. I remember my own rush to get things packed before supper – I didn’t want to worry about anything on Hallowe’en. I just wanted to enjoy trick-or-treating with F. I can still feel the ache in my heart knowing I had to leave him behind for a while. I don’t have words to describe that, even today.

I remember waking up on November 1 and packing the “big stuff” onto the back of Dad’s truck, and sharing the drive to Halifax. I remember discovering my apartment door unlocked – and furiously looking for new apartments on the drive back to Cape Breton that night. You don’t need to ask how angry I was when I found that same door unlocked shortly afterwards, though both episodes pale in comparison to the hissy fit I threw when I discovered that every single thing I owned was missing from my apartment the week I was due to start classes – just one week later. Sometimes, I honestly don’t know how I stuck it out. And by sometimes, I mean all the time. I really must be crazy.

“It’s just a year,” everyone said.  “It’ll fly by. A year is nothing.”

In many ways, they were right. It was just a year that flew by. But it wasn’t nothing. It was two broken hearts and months and months of heartache. It was tears and sorry and it was laughter and joy and excitement and pride. I didn’t think this much could be packed into one year. It was wiping tears from the end of Mom and Dad’s driveway to the ferry once a month, and sobbing in the parking lot of the apartment the following week after saying goodbye to F.

The last year has been pretty crazy. A year ago today, F and I dressed as a James the Tank Engine and a Fire Fighter respectively, and we had a fun night. He’s not so into dressing up this year, but he rocked his costume at his Hallowe’en party yesterday but told me he’s already done all the trick-or-treating he wants to do. Today – one year later – I’m wearing a tutu at the best job I’ve ever had and he’s probably eating a bowl of fruit at daycare with his friends. A year can be huge. It can be life changing.

And it was.

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