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The Happiest of Hallowe’ens

Two posts in one day! Yay for you, my beloved readers!

F didn’t want to trick-or-treat last night (he decided this on Wednesday after his Halloween party at preschool), so we decided to lay low – thank goodness! I was up before 5 am to bake a blueberry croissant puff for our office Hallowe’en breakfast AND I wore a tutu and my excitement over this really took a lot out of me. That and F was a real ghoul all day and I had to carry him kicking and screaming into his daycare provider’s home, where she then had to peel him off of me so I could actually go to work.

Sigh. Parenthood is so, so, SO unglamorous – even when you’re wearing a tutu.

I got the idea in my head about halfway through making my tutu last weekend that I should start making them and selling them. One of my good friends pointed out that I’m probably the only adult who’d be into wearing tutus every day, but there may just be a market for little ones. We’ll see where that goes. I really enjoyed making this one!

I think it turned out pretty well and I was especially impressed with my hair – considering it was day 3, after sleeping on it two nights in a row and I managed it at 5:30 am in only a few minutes. Hooray me. It was significantly less pretty this morning when I woke up on day 4, with a bird’s nest that an osprey could have homed in.

Here’s a couple of photos of my get-up!

The tutu, before tights!
My hair!

Legs and nude heels!

In my old pointe shoes!

Hair – from the front!

I realized yesterday, while standing in my office lunchroom just how amazing the people I work with are. I had the warm and fuzzies all day, after laughing and sharing in some good times with everyone. The awesomeness of the day was only improved by snuggling with F last night while we watched the Magic School Bus in bed! I somehow doubt this is how we’ll be spending our next Hallowe’en.

Happy November, friends!

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