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Every now and again, I venture into the world of my blog analytics and learn something new.

For example: 33 per cent of my daily audience is reading me via Safari browsers, and Apple products make up the vast majority of the Operating Systems clicking in with iPhones coming a close second at 24 per cent to Macintosh at 25 per cent. 

Why am I telling you this? Because I learned something terrifying the last time I decided to find out who’s reading me and how they found me.

Most people make it to my blog by typing in the web address or my new domain (which, by the way, just redirects you here) or by typing my blog address into Google. But as you know, sometimes when you Google something you come across some interesting stuff. And alarmingly, a lot of people are landing on my blog lately by searching “how to be anorexic”. 

That makes me incredibly sad. My Accidentally Anorexic post is in my top-five most viewed. 

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I’ve got body image issues. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that I’ve got some disordered eating habits. Between stress and work and the stress of work and raising a kid, I often don’t have time to realize I’m hungry and with that totally unhealthy habit, I find myself suddenly 11 pounds lighter and feeling like shit. I call it “accidentally anorexic” because I don’t mean to let myself go hungry, it just happens and it’s unhealthy and I know that. So I often force myself to eat, even if it’s just a salad and half a sandwich, a handful of granola or an egg on toast. And we all know about my habit of calling myself this F-word

It pains me to think that someone has turned to Google and typed the words “how to be anorexic”. I mean, why would they? Are they looking for tips, motivation, support? Are they just trying to understand how someone can be anorexic? I typed it. The first three results broke my heart and I wondered how many beautiful, young girls and boys have typed those words and read those results and become lost in a disease that has the highest death rate of any known mental illness. 

If you’re reading this post today because your Google search directed you here, please go back to Google and search Eating Disorder Help and follow those results. Take care of yourself, and be well. 

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