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Fashionably Frenzied

I own like, 60 pairs of shoes. 

It’s appalling and awesome at the exact.same.time. There are enough outfits in my closet that I could safely go weeks without wearing the same time twice (aka I could probably survive for 30 days or so without doing laundry which is basically bliss except that’s a lot of clothes to wash at once).  If you know me at all you know that I’ve got a mean interest in style from hairstyles to stylish pants and everything in between.

You also probably know that I’m pretty frenetic – even frantic at times. Most of my days feel like a frenzy of shoes and scarves and Lightning McQueen. So, I guess it only makes sense that I’ve newly been dubbed “The Frenzied Fashionista”. 

Say what? you say?


I thought I was excited to be a part of the #YMCCommunity but this is the bigtimes you guys. I’m now a real, live, honest-to-goodness Yummy Mummy Club blogger. And you can read me right here.

And I will totally go shopping with you and call it “research” any time. You know what’s up.

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