2014 · single mom


This week, I did a crazy thing.

Like, moving to a new province to take a job with a group of people I’ve only met once for an hour kind of crazy (if you weren’t questioning my sanity before, now is the time). I even feel a little crazy. Though, that could be because I drove to Moncton on Sunday night, started work on Monday, left Tuesday afternoon and am currently sitting at Gate 18 at Stanfield International Airport waiting for my flight to Toronto because #BLISSDOMCA.


After two years in the same apartment, moving is a much bigger job than I had anticipated. I own twenty six pairs of pants. TWENTY SIX. And that’s not including leggings (which are not pants), sweat pants, yoga pants or short pants. And that is outrageous. But stuff notwithstanding, I’m moving. I’m leaving the place that has been home and that F and I have really come to love and grow and set down our roots in, and that’s scary.

But also awesome.

I’m excited for our next chapter. I can’t wait to build new friendships, make new memories and embark on this new adventure. Even if I’ll miss Mr Hockey Coach a little bit.

2 thoughts on “#TheFrenziedFashionistaOnTheMove

  1. My pants collection would make you *gasp* out loud. Twenty six?!? Is that even possible?!?

    You are going to have a great new adventure! It’ll be grand.

    Now go hug all the #BLISSDOMCA peeps for me!

    Have a ball!


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