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Monday Mornings and Muffins

For the first time in two weeks, F was waiting at the gate for me when I arrived at preschool on Friday. He’d been feeling under the weather Thursday evening, and woke with a fever and cough on Friday. He was tired, and he just wanted to go home.

Every morning, F wakes up and asks “Is it the weekend today?”, and many nights he asks “Is it the weekend tomorrow?”. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy preschool… it’s just that he really likes being home and playing together.

It was pretty great to tell him this morning that it *was* still the weekend: aren’t long weekends the greatest? He sat up in bed and sneezed, then had a slight coughing fit and then asked if we could have a bowl of berries for breakfast. But berries made me think of something else.


We whipped up some oatmeal-berry muffins in about as much time as it took for me to make my bed and throw our laundry into the dryer. Just as my coffee was ready, the oven timer went off. We took the muffins out to cool and then put on a movie and curled up on the couch together.

Because the only thing better than Monday morning muffins is a Monday morning movie-fest.

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