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REVIEW: boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I’m *obsessed* with bosica skincare products as of late. It’s pretty hard not to love, really, as the world’s first preservative-free skincare line that’s also VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE. But I’ll be honest… while those things are some of the reasons why I decided to try boscia products, the reason I love them is the way they’ve performed.

As I mentioned in my last boscia-related post, I actually really struggle with maintaining a skincare regime. I mean, I’ve been known to use baby wipes to remove my eye makeup. (Just ask Maija, who scolded me mercilessly last year at BlissDom.) My Mom recently lamented that I spend too much money on “face stuff”, and she’s right only in that I often buy products with the best intentions, and then fall horribly flat.

I was shopping with my good friend Jackie in Toronto a few weeks ago and was concerned about space in my luggage, but also was having a hard time finding anything I felt like buying. I knew I really wanted to replace a lipstick I had lost, so I hauled her into Sephora and we browsed different brands and chatted about our preferences. And then I saw it.

NEW! boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick. And I was like OMG IT’S A STICK, so clearly I had to buy it. And so I did.

The first thing I thought after buying it was that it’s the perfect cleanser for travel. It won’t spill! My second thought was that I will have less waste with the stick than I would a liquid cleanser. My third thought was that I will never have to deal with a gunked up pump again. I packed it into my carry on bag and had to wait a whole day to test it out!

To use, you simply take off the cap and twist the base counterclockwise (like lipstick or deodorant) to reveal about one centimetre of product. Then you just wet your face, and draw on your self – it’s like being a kid again! Work the stick in circles to create a lather, and then massage further using your fingertips. Finally, rinse with clear water and pat your skin dry. Apply moisturizer and serum as you would.

charcoal cleansing stick
All scrubbed up!

My skin feels clean and soft after using the cleansing stick, and while I have super dry skin I don’t find it to feel tight. I use The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Serum and good old Pond’s Cold Cream afterwards. I don’t use the cleansing stick daily, but rather every other day and stick to washing my face with cool water and my Neutrogena Ultra-Gentle Foaming Cleanser the other days and I always wash my face before bed. And I’ve actually been sticking to it for about three weeks.

But I learned something: Your skincare routine is like working out – you need to find something that you enjoy in order to stick to it. (See what I did there?)

It might sound silly, but the cleansing stick instead of a typical liquid cleanser with a pump really changes the way you cleanse, and that little mix up is pretty fun. Running on a treadmill is the equivalent to watching paint dry in my little world, but hitting the trail for a run is my favourite thing to do. It’s the same activity, just dressed up a little differently.

But I’d love to know: What’s YOUR favourite cleanser?

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