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All Wrapped Up: Your Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is now three short weeks away and I will confess that I only have about half of my gift-getting done. Oops! November was such a busy month that I found it hard to get out and get it all done.

Plus, shopping with a five-year-old is like giving a cat a bath.


As I looked at F’s Advent Calendar last night, I first wondered why the fresh heck I didn’t get myself one* and then I wondered how on earth I’m going to finish all of my shopping in time. The more I thought about the things I need to buy, the more I realized that I’m probably not the only person in this sleigh so I thought I’d try to help a fellow elf out.

From threads to treats, these folks have something for everyone on your nice list.

The Ladies

Bodega BoScreen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.10.11 PMutique in Dartmouth, NS is the cutest little shop around. Kate’s got an awesome selection of chic and trendy pieces spanning from the best leggings known to (wo)man to the daintiest necklaces, cozy sweaters and sequin-covered pretties.

Not in Dartmouth? Shop online and use AMBASSADOR2 to score savings.



SkinFix Inc. will keep your favourite gal’s skin soft and happy through the dark, cold days of winter. With everything from the most amaScreen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.12.02 PMzing lip-balm ever to the 12-Hour Miracle Ointment, you’ll definitely find a Halifax-manufactured SkinFix Product to please. Bonus: the line is fragrance-free, natural and can be found at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Loblaws, Sobeys, Atlantic SuperStore and Jean Coutu.

(You can get SkinFix Inc. products for babies and boys, too, btw. Everyone should have happy, moisturized skin.)

The Dudes

Frank & Oak was recently named Deloitte’s fastest growing technology company in Canada, so you know they’re doing something right. They’ve got everything from flannel to fancy.

Body Shop Men’s Products will keep your favourite guy’s skin soft and supple through the harsh winter (and any other time, for that matter). Bonus: it smells so good, you can steal his!

 The Minis

Peekaboo Beans are better than Prada at this house: F loves the styles, Mama loves the price tags. With cool clothes made for playing and growing, PB promises to please. The best part? It’s a Canadian company!

All. The. Books. F loves to be read to and now that he’s learning to read himself, all he wants is more books. A quick trip through Chapters Indigo last week helped me cross off the last things for my little elf.


Need more inspiration?

These 20 gifts are perfect for any fashionista on your list, and any of these picks will guarantee a gift that gives double.

*(I didn’t get an Advent calendar because I’d eat all 24 chocolates in one sitting and I can just do that with a regular box of chocolates.)


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