2016 · single mom

on blanket forts and pancakes

I knew coming back to Halifax would be less than thrilling for both F and I. After a long holiday in Cape Breton, the thought of the hustle and bustle of the city was anything equally appealing and appalling. We love having lots to do, we just wish the people we love were a little closer so we could do those things with them.

Since F was resistant to the idea of coming back to our apartment, I decided to make our return extra-special. I promised him that we would turn our living room into the coolest movie-watching, sleepover fort ever.

And so we did.

We moved the furniture. We dug out old sheets. We laid blankets on top of the imashleymi blanket forts onesie single mumshag carpet so there would be a little extra cushion (it didn’t help – I’ve got bruises). We put every pillow in the house on the floor, turned on Jurassic Park and settled in for the night.

This morning, we made pancakes from scratch and we sat where we slept and gobbled them up together. It was the simplest thing, and it was so much fun. In the hallway, our suitcases and gift bags, boots and jackets lay on the floor waiting to be unpacked and hung up and that’s fine. They can wait.

I’ve got snuggles to cash in on.

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