2016 · single mom

on saying yes and doing it often

I am a chronic bailer.

During my first couple of weeks in my current job, I half-committed to after-work plans only to cancel moments after leaving the office. In university, I often turned down invitations to hang out with other girls in my dorm citing my studies or a headache.

Because I hate to offend anyone, I tend to live squarely in the non-committal camp: I might come; Maybe; I’ll try; Let me get back to you.

I was five kilometres into an eight-kilometre run in the summer when I took a walk-break and decided to check my phone, only to see a message asking if I felt up to a hike. I’d received it 25 minutes prior, just moments after setting out. My initial, immediate thought was to decline – it would be lovely to go home and be alone after this workout. But instead, I decided to say yes.

And I’m so glad I did.

Hours later, I said yes again when I ran down five flights of stairs for the goodnight kiss RomCom had decided to come back to give (or get, depending on who you ask).

Sometimes saying yes is hard; sometimes it’s scary. Sometimes it’s not at all what you want to do, and sometimes it blows up in your face.

But sometimes, a single yes can bring you a lot of happiness. And that’s always worth the risk.


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