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Namaste and O Holy Night

There is something about the holidays that makes us all go a little tinselly. Anyone who knows me at all knows I need not be any more tinselly than I am, so I’ll just let you ponder how crazy I am these days. I baked 14 dozen cookies on the weekend, you guys.

This year more than any year I can remember, I’m filled with a strange nervous energy like I’m used to getting before an interview, or like I used to get before every date with Mr Hockey Coach (true story). To eat up my nervous energy, I’ve buzzed around the house, baked, done my hair for no reason, painted my nails, rearranged my closet (and then rearranged it back to the original set up) and done just about anything I could to try to get my mind to quiet.

And when none of that worked, I finally had a lightbulb moment between O Holy Night and Santa Baby and spotted my yoga mat laying on my floor.

I do yoga pretty regularly. For months, I was almost religious in my practice and I felt amazing. I could think straight. I slept well. I was less irritable and more focused. I was… at ease.

It’s really hard in the midst of the craziness that is the Holiday season to find some time to relax and take care of you… but it’s amazing what 20 minutes on the yoga mat, treadmill or pounding the pavement around your block can do for your wellbeing. Give yourself a break. Buy gift bags (duh! REUSABLE!) and skip the tedious wrapping. Spend that extra time painting your toenails or laying in the tub.


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