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The Barbie Car Under The Tree

Since mid-summer, F has only had one request for Santa: A Barbie Car. And since mid-summer, I’ve battled with the “should I?/shouldn’t I?” question fairly regularly until I finally kicked myself in the ass and realized I was being a complete moron.

It’s just a toy.

So, after work I trotted to Walmart. I took a deep breath because it’s a Walmart at Christmas and I braved the rude, the frenzied and the Scrooge-y people you often find at Walmart at Christmas and raced to the Barbie aisle. To find exactly zero Barbie cars, even though the website says they’re in. I asked a staff member, who assured me they were sold out. I can’t order it online (it’s out of stock), so I stood in the Barbie aisle staring at the empty space and almost started to cry.

But, like a good little elf I’m not giving up.

Stay tuned.

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