chasing tail for PAWSitive outcomes

When an old friend reached out to let me know about the 5k race he and his fiancé founded,  Tail Chase 5km,  I was immediately intrigued. As a runner and animal-lover, both the activity and the awesome inspiration behind it really spoke to me. The run has a simple, but enormous, mission:

To create awareness of local animal rescues and help provide the necessary funding for animal care and supplies. This will be achieved through the promotion of physical activity that can be enjoyed by both people and their pets.

Knowing Morgan for almost 10 years (I’m aging us here, pal!), I knew the event was something I could get behind wholeheartedly… so I started asking questions, mainly why this cause?

“It all started with frequent visits to our local SPCA. On our weekly visits, we met many dogs with many different needs and personalities.


The main focus of this race is to do what we can to raise funds for local rescues who need it. However, it is important for us to raise funds the right way. Including your dog in physical activity not only gives you something fun to do with your friend but allows your dog to develop their muscles, maintain a proper weight and decrease boredom (which is often the cause of many behavioural problems). It’s time to get outside, spread the word, take care of our furry friends and help rescues who work tirelessly to make a difference in our community!”

You can learn more about Tail Chase 5km or sign up to volunteer by visiting the website today and be sure to check back soon for registration details! Make sure you follow @TailChase5km on Twitter and Like their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the happenings!

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