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cozy cures all [sponsored]

oh, hello

I dare you to tell me there’s something more comforting after a bad day than climbing into your coziest pajamas or sweats, sliding your feet into some fuzzy slippers or socks, and curling up at home with a hot tea or a big ol’ glass of wine.

This was the exact thing I did (after crying, of course) when I unexpectedly lost my job a few weeks ago. It’s also the exact way we rolled when F came down with the flu a few days later, his temperature spiking above 104 degrees Celsius. For that first week, life for me became a very not-so-glamorous-but-very-comfortable routine:

Comfy pants. Kyrgies. Blankets on the couch. Coffee. Repeat.

The timing of his illness and my job loss was actually quite fortunate – being able to be home with him was a real blessing. To say the week of March 11 had kicked my ass would be an understatement, but I was grateful to stay home in my slippers and sweats and focus on my family and myself for a few days. It was four days before F’s fever finally wore itself out, and in that time I was so focused on taking his temperature that I forgot to take care of me.

Six weeks later, he’s all better and I’m still trying to iron out the right routine for me as I continue my job search. Just before F fell ill, my friends at Kyrgies sent us a pair of their new moccasins for F to test out. Since we wear the same size, they’ve become interchangeable slippers and, when I’m at home, you can bet one pair or the other is on my feet. The moccasins fit more narrowly than the classic slip-ons, which is great if you’re doing something like mopping or vacuuming and want a more secure feeling. But nothing can beat sliding on those classics, I swear!

Sliding on my slippers and my fuzzy sweater, grabbing a cup of tea or coffee and setting up at my computer to work on my resume or do some writing has become my new morning routine. On the days I feel miserable, I curl up on the couch with my blankets and slippers and sit with a book or listen to music.

It’s amazing how the act of making yourself cozy can help you heal – whether from illness, injury, or just a crappy day. I’d love to know your go-to cozy cures so fill me in the comments below!


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