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sneak protein into your diet

Last October, I joined R Studios and have been a devotee ever since – I even do the laundry! – which has totally changed my approach to fitness. Back in January, I had an InBody Test done, complete with a consultation with the administrator of the test, at Blended Athletics, and followed up with my physician and a registered dietitian for information on how best to fuel my body.

What I learned from my InBody Test was that my body needs about 95g of protein a day just to maintain my current lean body mass. Why that number? Because you need about 1 (one) gram of protein per 1 (one) gram of lean body mass! That’s a LOT of protein – but since I also want to gain muscle, I actually need even more! Yikes.

Because I generally struggle to get even the right number of calories into my body every day, I knew I’d need to get creative to get my protein intake up to snuff. Fortunately, with a few easy tweaks, I can get it in without feeling like I’m stuffing myself or sucking on steaks all day.

Switch your grains. Move over rice – quinoa is coming through. Quinoa is a complete protein! It has both more and better protein than most grains. With 8 grams of quality protein per cup (185 grams), quinoa is an excellent plant-based protein source for vegetarians and vegans. Try quinoa instead of fried rice or add it to chili or soups.

Add soft tofu to your soups and sauces. Fire up your food processor and blend your butternut squash soup with soft tofu, or add it to your spaghetti sauce for a creamy protein boost.

Pour in pasteurized egg whites. From smoothies to overnight oats, pasteurized egg whites can be used in place of water or milk to help you get your grams in!

Bonus: the egg whites will make your smoothie extra frothy.

Bonus bonus: there’s even a few cocktails that call for frothy egg whites. You’re welcome.

Roast chickpeas for snacks. I love me some roasted chickpeas, and with nearly nine grams of protein per 100 grams, you can even put your snacks to good use. Toss ’em in some oil, sprinkle with a little salt (or sugar and cinnamon) and roast in the oven until crispy and extra golden. Don’t want to make them? BULK BARN.

Sure, they’re no potato chip, but you can even find protein chips at some grocery stores if you really need them.

Or whip up your own snacks! My easy, no-bake protein balls are delicious and a great way to add protein while also satisfying a sweet tooth. Yum. Yum. Yum.

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